The Faculty Mastermind | A World Class Mastermind Group for Entrepreneurs
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The Group

The Faculty is a World-Class Mastermind group for Entrepreneurs


We’re based in Dubai but, with clients across 4 continents, we bring together and support a group of amazing Entrepreneurs who have chosen to go PRO and live ‘on purpose’


We believe that Entrepreneurs drive change in the world but, as much as they are awesome in many respects, even superman has his kryptonite and even Entrepreneurs need guidance and support. Seeking support and not trying to do everything yourself is absolutely key to building a World-Class business (and leading a World-Class life!)


At The Faculty, we provide the Environment for Entrepreneurs to grow and thrive. This includes the Education, Support, Coaching and Accountability required to help bring your best work to the world


When you commit to us, we commit to you and, much like an athlete on their road to the Olympics (we work with a few), we have a team of people who will support you to make sure you build a truly amazing business. We connect you with the expert advice at the time you need it and we get you working with and supporting other like minded Entrepreneurs. We provide coaching to draw the most out of you and the accountability to hold you to your goals


So, for those who choose to ‘dabble no longer’, avoid average and step up to nothing less than World-Class, we are here to show you how


‘Team Work makes the Dream Work’ ~ Stevie Wonder



Entry to TFM is Application only

Our Mission

To live up to our own potentials by helping others to live up to theirs.

Our Vision

To support our clients to build World-Class businesses, live their missions and to become fulfillionaires, people who are rich in every area of life.


For The Faculty to be the leading example of a Mastermind Group

Our Values


The Faculty, Office 2902, Marina Plaza, Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE, PO Box 112229